Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Green Way All The Way

We love a bit of fresh air and exercise here at Nell's.  Luckily for us we have lots of options to satisfy us on our door step.  If time is an issue a quick lap of the block ticks the box but if the clock isn't ticking a hike up to some of the local lakes in the Comeragh mountains like Crottys, Coumshingaun or Coum Tay or a trip to any of the local beaches does the trick. We really are spoiled where we live and we shouldn't take this for granted.  We are very envious of the people who live near the Great Western Greenway but we won't have to be for much longer because we will have a Greenway all of our own - the Deise Greenway! This has us very excited.

The Deise Greenway when it is fully completed will run from Dungarvan to Waterford City along the old railway line.  Currently there is 4 kms open in Dungarvan and hopefully by summer this year there will be a further 18 kms open for us to enjoy.  Planning has been approved for the remainder and hopefully we wont have to wait too long for work to start on these sections too.

The development of the Deise Greenway will give us miles and miles of new safe and accessible track for us to get our fresh air and exercise fix on.  The Deise Greenway will be for everybody to enjoy from the casual walker to the marathon runner so we should all get behind it and make it happen!