Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Five Things To Do With Your Extra Hour

The evenings may be drawing in, the mornings getting darker but the good news is it wont be long now until the shortest day of the year (December 21st)!  Its only a little over eight weeks to go and the days will be getting longer again, wohoo! I really love this time of year, the air is really crisp (great walking weather), the leaves are falling of the trees and you don't need an excuse to light the fire.  The even better news is that this weekend we gain an hour.  Nobody likes losing the hour early in the year but you wouldn't hear too many complaining about an extra hour in bed in October!  I was trying to think of how the extra hour could be spent this weekend and here's what I've come up with:

  1. The Imagine Festival is running until the 25th October in Waterford.  On Sunday, storyteller and Seanachai Eddie Lenihan, is doing two shows locally.  The first is fairy stories for kids and kicks off at 1 pm in St Patrick's Gateway Centre, Patrick St, Waterford.  At 10 pm his second show will start.  This one is aimed at the adults and is sure to be an entertaining evening.  Eddie is a friend of ours here at Nell's.  He told stories around our open fire in the past.  This is one not to be missed.
  2. Up the road in Kilkenny the Savour Festival is on.  We love our food around here at Nell's which means we love a good food festival.  The festival will be in full swing on Sunday.  The "Build The Ultimate Burger" event and "Yes Chef, War Stories from the Kitchen" are two events that take place on Sunday that have caught my eye.  
  3. Summer in Dublin may be over but Bagatelle are still on the go, but not for long...As part of their final tour they are playing this Sunday night in the Clonmel Park Hotel as part of the Tipptober Festival.  Tickets can be booked through the Clonmel Park Hotel
  4. Down the road and over the bridge in Wexford Loftus Hall the most haunted house in Ireland is the ideal stop if your into a bit of paranormal.  There's lots of tour options on Sunday for big and small kids.  If your there during the day spin down to Hook Lighthouse afterwards for tea and cake.  You might need something sweet after your Loftus tour!!
  5. The Suir Valley Railway are running the Spooky Express on Saturday 24th but will also be running trains on Sunday 25th and up until Sunday 1st November. The trains operate daily at 12pm, 1pm and 2pm. The prices are €8.50 for an adult, €7 for a golden years ticket and children (under 16) travel FREE for the entire week. This is a great way to see part of the new Greenway which will open next year. 
  6. My last suggestion, a bonus one, is to put the feet up, light the fire and enjoy a cup of tea and savour the extra hour on your own sofa :-)
However you decide to spend your bank holiday weekend we here at Nell's Farmhouse hope you have a good one. If you would like to spend some time (night/weekend/week) at Nell's Farmhouse please contact us on info@nellsfarmhouse.ie or 086-2206007 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Gone Wild!

Every morning we wake up and open the curtains to see the Comeraghs staring right back at us from a height.  I suppose when you look at it every day you begin to take it for granted how stunning the view actually is.  Visitors that comes into our yard are blown away by the sheer beauty of the mountains.  The Comeraghs Wild festival is a celebration of the mountains, the area and the local heritage and we were delighted to get involved.

On Thursday last the festival was launched in The Cotton Mill in Portlaw.  This was a lovely evening and a great start to the weekend.  Last night we went along to the Harvest Walk & "Crotty the Robber" the specially commissioned play written by Martina Collender up at Coumshingaun Lake.  The weather was ideal for the occasion.  A crowd in excess of 200 made the short hike up to the lake where we were greeted by Richie Walsh the MC for the evening.  The play itself was top class.  Afterwards there was "chai and chat" and then the walk back down the mountain.  We thoroughly enjoyed the evening and look forward to whats to come next year.

Tonight were heading to Curraghmore House to see Mary Black who will be supported by Kila and Rue De La Coup.  The weather is holding up well so it promises to be a great night.

Tomorrow the festival comes to  close with a treasure hunt in Stradbally, circle dance workshop in Kilrossanty, eco fairy tales in Kilmacthomas, a flora walk at Harneys Cross and the gala finale in the Copper Coast Geo Park.

There really is something for everyone at the Comeragh Wild festival.  For more info check out www.comeraghswild.com

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Introducing The Bride & Groom

Only three more sleeps until the much anticipated wedding in Feddens!  Here's a snap of the happy couple.  They are really excited for their big day, cant you tell...so are we!

This event is currently fully booked.  We are looking forward to welcoming all our guests in their Sunday best to the wedding breakfast.  Here's hoping it goes without a hitch, no pun intended :-)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Traditional Wedding Customs

We are very excited about our Traditional Irish Wedding Re-enactment event for Heritage week this year.  The scene will be set back in the 1950’s.  The save the date cards have been sent (not really they didn’t have them in the 50’s) and the priest has been booked.  The following are a few actual traditional customs and traditions from the era…

The Child of Prague
Many Irish wedding traditions which have been handed down through the generations survive in Ireland today. Probably the most popular being the placing of a ‘Child of Prague’ statue outdoors under a hedge to ensure a fine day for the wedding.

Bonfires were lit at the crossroads lining the route from the church to the wedding reception especially near the brides house and they still are today in rural Ireland.

The Dowry
Long ago in Ireland as in many other cultures around the world marriages were ‘arranged’ between families by a matchmaker usually for the betterment of all concerned as a dowry, fortune or spre was usually required of the bride. This could be money or a cow or household goods. This money was the property of the husband or his father and was often used to give a dowry to an unmarried sister.
The bride would bring the dowry with her as often the bride would be expected to move into her husband’s family home thereby automatically usurping the position of ‘woman of the house’ from her mother-in-law. This was signified by the handing over of the ‘fire tongs’ which donated the change in authority. Sometimes the mother in law would break a cake of bread over her head as a token that she would  henceforth be the mistress of the baking and other domestic chores. The mother-in-law who only received inheritance rights in the 1960s previously only been entitled to a space by the fire?
 No wonder there was such ill-feeling between many a new bride and her mother-in-law also bearing in mind that Irish Mammy’s of yesterday idolised their sons...Many still do of course, but in those days the ‘men of the house’ were a revered species who were waited on hand and foot by their sisters.....

Age Gaps
Huge age gaps were customary up until the late 1950’s when much older men (having saved themselves) got married to young girls in the their twenties which was a recipe for disaster considering they had often nothing in common. Furthermore there was no such thing as contraception so large families of 16 and more were quite common even though infant mortality was quite high. 

To book your seat for the wedding breakfast contact us on the details below and stay tuned to our blog for more details.  

Date: Sat 29th August
Time: 20:00 to 23:00
Location: Nell's Farmhouse
Cost: €20
Booking: Essential
Contact: 051-646102 / 086-2206007
Email: info@nellsfarmhouse.ie

Traditional Irish Wedding Re-enactment - Heritage Week 22nd - 30th August 2015

It doesn't seem like twelve months ago since our traditional Irish Wake for Heritage Week last year.  We really enjoyed putting on the interactive evening and now we are excited about this years event.  The wheels are in motion already and it is set to be another great evening.  Us Irish love a good wedding and we decided in keeping with the theme of Heritage Week for 2015 which is "Discover the past. Build the future", we are going to hold a Traditional Irish Wedding Re-Enactment.  Like last year it will be an interactive event where we will be encouraging the wedding guests to get involved. 

The wedding is set in the era of the 1950's when the wedding breakfasts were traditionally held in the home of the bride.  The customs, traditions and fashions of the day will be portrayed.    Space is limited to 28 guests in total so booking is essential.  To get your name on the table plan for the occasion call or email on the details below.  You wont be disappointed.  

Heritage week is the largest cultural event in Ireland.  It is expected that 400,000 people will attend the events scheduled across the country.  For details on all the events taking place in Co. Waterford and in Ireland go to www.heritageweek.ie 

To book your place at our Irish Wedding Re-enactment contact Mary on 051-646102 or 086-2206007 or email Mary on info@nellsfarmhouse.ie and stay tuned to our blog for further updates.

Date: Sat 29th August
Time: 20:00 to 23:00
Location: Nell's Farmhouse
Cost: €20
Booking: Essential
Contact: 051-646102 / 086-2206007
Email: info@nellsfarmhouse.ie

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Meeting The President

Heritage is very important to us here at Nell’s Farmhouse. Since we opened our doors in 2006 we have been welcoming people onto our farm and have shared our knowledge of times gone by with them. We have worked with the Heritage Council over the years and have particularly been involved with Heritage Week which has been a great success. Last year we won the “Most Interactive Event” category for our re-enactment of a traditional wake. We were delighted to accept this award from Conor Newman, Chairman of the Heritage Council and Ann Phelan TD and Minister of State for Rural Affairs at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

Following on from our big win we were invited to speak at a training day for heritage week event organizers. This took place in Dublin Castle on the 9th of April. Along with some other event holders we presented our idea to the audience. We really had a great day in the big smoke and we enjoyed chatting to everyone we met there. We came back to Nell’s full of new ideas for the year ahead.

At the end of May we couldn’t believe our luck when the post man delivered an invitation to the Heritage Councils 20th birthday celebrations in Kilkenny. Our president and founder of the Heritage Council was going to be in attendance and make a speech. We accepted the invite in a heartbeat. On the day we listened to a beautiful address from Michael D Higgins who had the vision to set up the Heritage Council through his capacity as minister for arts, culture and the Gaeltacht in 1995. The idea of the Heritage Council is to support local communities to promote within their area. It was a great honour for us to meet President Higgins in person and have a little chat with him.

Heritage week this year runs from 22nd -30th of August. We have decided to host a “Traditional Wedding Breakfast” on the 29th August from 8-11pm. Again it will be an interactive event and we hope that the audience (who will be the wedding guests) will enter into the spirit of the occasion. A prize will be awarded to the most appropriately dressed guest on the night. The wedding is set in the era of the 1950's when the wedding breakfast was traditionally held in the home of the bride. The customs, traditions and fashions of the day will be portrayed. For more information on heritage week events please click on the link here. Feel free to contact us also in relation to our event on 086-2206007 or via email at info@nellsfarmhouse.ie

Monday, May 25, 2015


Inside the hall door, on top of the hall table of Nell's Farmhouse you will find our guest book.  We love when our guests leave us a little note after their stay with us.  Sometimes people even draw a picture.  So to  follow on from  last months post about what we have to offer our customers I thought I would share some of the things our customers have said after a stay with us.  Here's a random selection of jottings from the book...

"Staying at Nell's House was a real treat.  Thanks so much to Mary and Ger for attending to our every need, and more besides.  the hot tub was magnificent - we shall miss it!  We will tell our friends they must come...The care and concern shown by Mary and Ger helped make the holiday.
Everyone we met here was friendly - the place is beautiful - the accommodation is luxurious - and then there's the hot tub (underneath the big bright starry skies - amazing!) Thanks again"

"It was lovely to come back and stay in Feddens again, a "trip down memory lane".  We'll be back.
Congratulations Mary and Ger the place is lovely and very comfortable.  Thank You"

"I ended up in Nell's by chance having originally intended to stay at the hostel (which was closed).  Lucky me! Instead of a bunk bed, I was presented with a whole beautiful house to myself.  Everything is so cosy and tastefully decorated  a beautiful blend of old and new.  I sat on the rug in front of the fire and looked at Richard Fitzgerald's photographs and read stories about Aunt Nell.
I had an absolutely delightful stay at Nell's and I'll be recommending it to everyone.  Thank You"

"Thanks again for another great time in Nell's House.  We had a great time.  the hot tub was a big hit with the girls - just the tonic for a day of climbing and sore limbs.  Thanks again"

"We have enjoyed out (too short) stay here!
Loved meeting the cows, dogs, and chickens and learning about the milking process.
Highly recommend heading to the local hiking center not far from here.  We took the Glen Patrick walk - a great 3 hour trek with our two kids full of beautiful scenery...Thanks so much for having us!"

"We had a fabulous time here at mid term, kids and adults really enjoyed the experience of a working dairy farm, the cows, the hay shed and we all loved the hot tub.  Really liked the decor, gorgeous bedrooms and massive couch.
Best of luck and continued success Ger and Mary, we hope to be back soon,"

"Many thanks to Ger and Mary for the use of their gorgeous house for our break away.  Ideally situated for all the wonderful walking routes.  It was lovely waking up to the birdsong and the sound of newborn calves.  And the milk!! Our children had never tasted real milk.  Such a treat.  Continued success to you, we'll be back"

So there you have it.  To book a stay with us contact us on 086-2206007, email info@nellsfarmhouse.ie or visit our web site at www.nellsfarmhouse.ie